Hard Water Treatment

Hard-Water-Treatment-Window-Cleaning-HoustonReplacing windows because of hard water deposit damage is expensive and avoidable. Eventually, minerals and chemicals build up on your windows and engrave the glass causing water spots.  Sparkle Window Cleaners can remove water spots if you don’t wait too long or the damage can be everlasting.  Call our professional window cleaning company in Houston to find out if your windows can be revamped.

Sparkle Window Cleaners removes water spots and refurbishes the splendor of your business and home windows for a fraction of the cost of replacement. Our window cleaning professionals will also deal with your windows to shield from future water spots. We offer several service options; we can treat the one window that always gets hit by the sprinkler or rain runoff or add this service to your routine window cleaning.

We are one of the best window cleaners in Houston offering guaranteed and cost-effective window cleaning services such as interior window cleaning, exterior window cleaning, hand wash all screensclean out tracks and frames, skylight cleaning, mirror cleaning and hard water treatment.